“Romanof LTD”

“Romanof LTD” LLC is a production enterprise of ceramic products, which specializes in serial production of ceramic caps for sealing materials. The main mission of the company is to develop and promote sales of ceramic lids, which are characterized by a unique design, intended for the global beverage industry. Our enterprise is also engaged in the development and production of semi-porcelain tableware, ceramic components for a wide range of lighting devices (chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, ceiling lamps), hookah components (bowls, flasks), ceramic stemware, bottles, souvenir products and other ceramic products and porcelain

The company was established in 2011 and began stable development in the domestic and foreign markets, which became possible thanks to the constant study of the market situation, thoughtful formation of the assortment, reliable relations with partners.

Since 2017, Romanof Ltd. LLC has been dynamically developing in the direction of ceramic caps for sealing materials, constantly increasing production capacity, increasing the number of employees, expanding the range based on advanced functionality and technologies. All of the company’s products have an exclusive style thanks to a significant baggage of intellectual property in the form of inventions.

A very important element of the production process is highly qualified specialists and maintaining the correct technological cycle. At all stages of production, ceramic products undergo quality control. High-quality ceramic mass (semi-porcelain) is used and it has high strength. The firing temperature reaches +1250°С. Paints, glazes, pigments of both domestic and European manufacturers are used. The product is certified.

The company “Romanof LTD” stands for long-term cooperation, based on the clear fulfillment of the obligations assumed. The key to this is the organization of a high level of the production and sale of products. An individual approach to each client makes working with our company particularly attractive.

The specialists of our company put a piece of goodness and their soul into the production of ceramics and can satisfy even the most sophisticated consumer tastes, including individual, exclusive orders.

We are ready to cooperate not only on traditional types of products for us, but also on new developments.